Scott Moore Ltd provides services in the following areas. If you require any further information please contact us direct.

  • The ONIX for Books product information message is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.

    Book Manager has a module which can generate an import, export and manages ONIX for Books data. This can be used by publishers and distributors to send book information electronically to the major information centres in both UK and USA such as Nielsen, Amazon, CoreSource, Bowker, Baker & Taylor - in fact any third party supporting this format.

  • Microsoft® Access, the most widely used database product in the world - we offer our services with conversion of your existing data in or out of this environment, and programming of your applications in whole or in part.
  • Having over 40 years of knowledge and experience of this environment Scott Moore Ltd provides complete software development of D3/Pick® database applications, being also experts in the migration of data into and out of this environment. Pick Universal Data Model has been synonymous with performance and a reliable, flexible multidimensional infrastructure for the delivery of critical business transactional and analytical database applications.
  • Book Manager not only interfaces with many of our customers' third party websites but we are able to design and develop a fully functional e-commerce site for you that integrates seamlessly with Book Manager.

    Product information is updated on demand from Book Manager and orders taken on the site are processed using Book Manager's Web Order Processing Module.

    Pemberley Books based in Buckinghamshire have a website working in conjunction with Book Manager.